One Call Close Masterclass Virtual Training – w/ LIVE Commentary By Vlad Cherchenko | May 25 & 26

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Topic: One Call Close Masterclass Virtual Training – w/ LIVE Commentary By Vlad Cherchenko

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You are invited to attend our One Call Close Masterclass Virtual Training – w/ LIVE Commentary By Vlad Cherchenko!

Here’s what you need to know about this upcoming 2-day event.

Event Dates:

Day 1: Wednesday, May 25

Day 2: Thursday, May 26th

Event Time: Both days at 10am – 5pm CST (8am – 3pm PST)

Lunch/Breaks: We will have a lunch break mid-day, and a short break after lunch.

Who’s invited: This is an exclusive invitation for Farmers insurance agents who recently registered for the One Call Close Masterclass, and will be attending an in-person workshop with Vlad Cherchenko later this year.

How to register: If you received an invitation email inviting you to this event, then you’re registered!

How to access this training: Simply log in to our training platform following this link, and you’ll see a section called “VIRTUAL TRAINING w/ VLAD CHERCHENKO!”.

Direct link to the training (Log In First):

Why are we doing this: We’re hosting this live event to help you learn our 6-Step Script To A One Call Close so that you can start writing more business BEFORE you attend the in-person event later this year.

Little known secret: I’ve been recording new videos for our training platform over the last few months, and you will be the FIRST to see these videos when they get published on the training platform on May 25th!

What will we cover: During our 2 days together, we will watch the 25 lessons in the One Call Close Masterclass, and Vlad Cherchenko will facilitate role-play sessions in between the lessons.

The 25 lessons are broken up into the following four sections:

1) 6-Step Script To A One Call Close

  • Step 1: The Hook & Overcoming Opening Objections
  • Step 2: Building Value vs Selling on Price
  • Step 3: Multi-lining Policies (Renters & Homeowners)
  • Step 4: Cost Presentation
  • Step 5: Asking For The Sale & Overcoming Closing Objections
  • Step 6: Sale Wrap Up & Onboarding Appointment

2) Lead Follow-Up Blueprint

3) The Ultimate Insurance Referral Program

4) Daily Structure & Team Accountability

Will this be worth my time: 1,000% yes! If you want to write more business, then attend this training.

Should the agency owner attend: Yes! The entire team should attend this live event, especially the agency owner.

Video requirement: To ensure that we are able to provide the best learning experience, video will be required of ALL attendees. It is highly recommended to have all team members and staff in the same room to enjoy the training together and work with each other during role-play sessions.

Questions: If you have questions for us about this event, simply chat with us on this page.

We are excited to see you at this live event on May 25 & 26th!