7 Ways Insurance Agents Can Use ChatGPT to Save Time and Money

Techniques and Prompts to Leverage Every Day

ChatGPT is a powerful conversational chatbot powered by OpenAI. It is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response. Use these prompts on the ChatGPT website to speed up processes in your agency.

1. Write service emails and text messages

Use ChatGPT to write emails and texts to save time communicating with your clients. Keep a list of prompts to use anytime you run into a scenario when you need to write yet another such email. This way all communications from anyone in your agency will be consistently polite and professional and have a consistent tone.

Example 1: Missed payment

Write a polite email to a client in our insurance agency who missed their payment, and state that to prevent the policy from canceling they can make a payment online or call us at 123-456-7890.

Also write a shortened version of the email to send as a text message.

Expanding on the prompt: explain that the client’s payment failed

Specify that the payment was returned by their bank.

Include a few subject line ideas for this email.

Example 2: Unsigned documents

Write an email that explains to a client in my insurance agency that they have not yet signed all their required policy documents.

Say that they need to sign all documents for the policy to ensure that the policy does not cancel. 

We sent the client an email with a link that will let them sign the documents electronically.

Expanding on the prompt: add your phone number

Provide my agency’s phone number in that email: 123-456-7890

Example 3: Policy renewal reminder

Write an email that reminds a client that their auto policy will renew soon and ask if they’d like to get a multi-line discount, then they should call us to get a quote on their homeowners insurance. Let them know to call us directly to get that quote at 123-456-7890

2. Marketing communications with a lead

Use ChatGPT to quickly create marketing emails and text messages for your agency. ChatGPT will output templates with placeholders for details like a prospect’s name. This will save time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your agency’s marketing efforts.

Example 1: Initial contact with a lead

Write an email to a prospect who just requested an insurance quote online and tell them to call us directly at 123-456-7890 to get a quote over the phone. Mention that we have started their quote and have great rates.

Example 2: Following up with a lead about a quote

Write an email and a shorter text message to a prospect who we’ve spoken with and quoted and ask when we should call them. We haven’t been able to find a good time to talk with the prospect and close the sale yet. Ask if they had any questions about the quote or coverage. Suggest a time tomorrow morning.

Example 3: Reach out to an old lead on their X-date

Write an email to an old insurance lead who I wasn’t able to close because of my carrier’s rates and say that our rates have recently changed and that, as their renewal date comes up, they can get a new quote from us. Also mention that there are a number of discounts available to them and that we can apply them upon confirming some details in a phone call.

3. Writing the copy for a Facebook/Google ad

Ask ChatGPT to come up with headlines and body text for ads that you’ll create on Facebook, Google, or any other platform. You can prompt ChatGPT to come up with a few versions of an ad and then, after seeing the output, ask ChatGPT to come up with more variations of a particular ad.

Example 1: A Facebook ad about car insurance

Write a few catchy Facebook ads promoting car insurance. Specify that we have amazing rates and we can give better coverage than what they currently have and oftentimes for a better price.

Expanding on the prompt: more variations and headlines

Give me a few more ad ideas like that second one but longer. Also for each idea give me a headline that’s 5-15 words long.

Example 2: An ad about life insurance for firefighters

Write me a few ads targeted at firefighters to sell life insurance. Come up with some compelling emotional reasons or examples of why everyone needs life insurance, especially firefighters. For each ad, give me a headline and a 1-3 sentence ad copy body.

4. Editing and revising an important email

Provide ChatGPT with a rough draft of an email you wrote up quickly and state who your audience is and what you want to achieve with your content. Remember, it has no context about who you are or what you want unless you give it some. Tell ChatGPT to rewrite your email to sound more polished and professional. As a bonus, ChatGPT will fix any spelling and grammatical errors!

Example 1: An email to your landlord about your lease

Rewrite this email rough draft to be more polished and professional, and say a little about how we would like to stay in our current building as we expand but we can only do so if our rate is good:

I would like to get more information about leasing out more office space in the building. I see that suite 123 has been vacant for quite some time, and I’d like to see if we can make the numbers work for us to rent that space. It is important for me to manage my expenses sensibly, and the only way we can do that is if we can get the rent cost of suite 123 to be less per square foot than what we currently pay with our current suite. Please let me know if that is something that you’re able to help me with.

Example 2: An email to your business loan lender asking for a payment deferral

Rewrite this email to make it more polite and compelling and fix any spelling mistakes:

Dear [bank name], I would like to ask for my next invioce on my loan to be defered by two weeks please. With this economy I’m struggling to make ends meet and I intend to pay of this loan but i just need some assistance at this time. I can provide docmentation of my finances if you need that. Thank you for understanding and please reach out to me at 123-456-7890 if you have any questions. Also when can I expect to hear back from you.

5. Simplifying complex ideas

Rely on ChatGPT to take a complex idea and simplify it into terms anyone can understand. You can use this internally for training or for communicating with your clients.

Example 1: Explaining an insurance concept in simple terms:

Explain umbrella insurance in simple terms and why it’s important.

Example 2: Explaining the difference between two related things:

Explain the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage in layman’s terms.

6. Writing HR-related documents

ChatGPT can write fairly sophisticated documents for all things HR. You can tell ChatGPT what you need—write up your thoughts in a sloppy way—and ChatGPT will craft the document or email you need. It can even fill in gaps you hadn’t thought of!

Example 1: A job offer letter where you want to sell a candidate on the opportunity

Write me a job offer letter for a sales producer position at my insurance agency for Joe Shmoe. I really want Joe to join our agency, so explain that we’d be so excited for him to join us: we offer an attractive compensation package, benefits, and, most importantly, amazing training and support. He’ll be enabled to earn as much income as he wants. State that he can reach out if he wants to discuss the offer. Compensation will be a $3k monthly base and 5% commission on premium sold. I would like a reply by the end of the week.

Example 2: Company policies and an employee handbook

Write up an employee handbook that has the basics that a small business like an insurance agency would have. Mention that we don’t do work from home and that our work hours are 8:30am-5pm. Also provide a basic dress code and rules about treating our clients’ information with privacy and professionalism.

7. A thinking assistant

Use ChatGPT to help yourself come up with a way to solve real problems—like when you could use a second brain. This way of using ChatGPT is hugely underappreciated as it can give you amazing ideas and help you arrive at solutions much faster than if you had to do it all by yourself.

Example 1: Tactly navigating an awkward situation with an employee

How do I tell someone at work that they smell bad without being offensive?

Example 2: Ideas for incentivizing sales people

I am an insurance agent and I have a couple sales producers who I want to motivate to sell more. What can I do to incentivize them?

Example 3: Talking with a sales person about their poor performance

How can I talk to a sales producer in my insurance agency to explain to them that they need to close more business, and hit the goals that we’ve previously discussed?

Tell them that failure in achieving their goal by the end of next month can result in termination.