How To Overcome The “I’m too busy”
Objection When Calling Insurance Leads

How To Overcome The “I’m too busy” Objection When Calling Insurance Leads

(Watch this video to see the most effective way to overcome this objection)

When you call a prospect, and they say, “I’m too busy… I don’t have time to get a quote…”

How do you respond to that objection?

If you’re making outbound calls, then you hear this objection all the time!

👆 Watch this video to see the exact script of what you need to say to overcome this objection.

If you like the script that I shared in this video, and would like to see how to overcome these other OPENING OBJECTIONS:

  • Who’s this? Why are you calling me?
  • I didn’t request a quote
  • I’m not interested
  • I already have insurance
  • I just renewed my policy
  • I just paid for my insurance
  • I just signed up with a different company
  • How do you have my information?
  • I never worked with you
  • My spouse takes care of the bill
  • I had a bad experience with your company
  • Give me your price first
  • No one can beat my rate
  • You called the wrong number

As well as how to overcome these CLOSING OBJECTIONS:

  • I don’t want to start right now
  • Email me the quote so I can review it
  • I want to think about it
  • Your price is too high
  • I need to talk it over with my spouse
  • I don’t want to give you my card info, call me on the start date
  • I prefer to work with an agent that is local
  • I am loyal to my agent I want to shop this around
  • I don’t have a deductible (or have a lower deductible) on my home
  • You’re cheaper on the home, but more expensive on the auto
  • You’re not saving me enough money to go through the hassle of switching

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