See How Insurance Agents Predictably
Write 100 Policies Per Month

See How Insurance Agents Predictably Write 100 Policies Per Month

👇 I recorded a video to show you EXACTLY what they do 👇

Why do most insurance agents struggle with writing 50 policies a month…

…while other agents (who are not “smarter” or “better”) find ways to write 100, 200, or even 300 policies a month WITHOUT having a massive sales team?⠀

I can tell you that the difference between the agents who are writing 300 policies a month vs those who write 30 a month, has nothing to do with how “smart” they are or how much experience they have.⠀

Here’s the big differentiator

The top producing agents do these two things:⠀

1) They TRAIN their staff on how to sell ⠀

2) They MEASURE their daily, weekly, and monthly activity

If you want to see the SALES SCRIPT and the metrics that top producing agents MEASURE on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis…

…then watch the video above I recorded above.

This agent (Kory) 👇

…wrote nearly 200 policies in the FIRST MONTH after going through the sales training with his team!

If you’d like to write more business STARTING NOW, then start using that same script!

You can get that script when you enroll in The One Call Close Masterclass, which is the most powerful sales training for insurance agents.

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Vlad Cherchenko

Founder | Insurance Sales Lab

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