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One Call Close Masterclass

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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the One Call Close Masterclass by completing all of the video modules, and take action by doing all of the assignments, and you do not see a significant increase in your sales, then I (Vlad) will work with you 1:1 to help you implement my sales & referral process in your agency. If that doesn’t help you achieve your desired result, then I will issue you a 100% refund. See Terms


6-Step Script To One Call Close Masterclass

Step 1: The Hook

You’ll learn EXACTLY what to say in the first 20 seconds of a phone call so the prospect agrees to getting a quote from you.

Overcoming Opening Objections

You’ll learn how to overcome the call opening objections.

Step 2: Building Value vs Selling On Price

You’ll learn how to get people to pay MORE MONEY to be insured with your agency, instead of staying with their current carrier.

Step 3: Multi-Lining Policies

You’ll learn how to bundle Auto, Homeowners, Umbrella, and Life insurance and sell all of these policies in the FIRST CALL.

Step 4: Cost Presentation

You’ll learn how to present the price the MOST COMPELLING manner possible. If you want to close sales in the FIRST CALL, then your team MUST memorize this step.

Step 5: Asking For The Sale

You’ll learn how to close the sale in the FIRST CALL by using the most effective closing script in the insurance industry.

Overcoming Closing Objections

You’ll learn how to overcome the call closing objections.

Step 6: Sale Wrap Up & Onboarding Appointment

You’ll learn how to take your new (and existing) clients and get multiple referrals from them now, and in the future.

Bonus Training Courses

The Lead Follow-Up System

Discover the follow-up sequence, voicemail scripts, and texting scripts that will get your leads to call you back.

The Ultimate Insurance Referral Program

Get the tools and scripts necessary to go from having zero incoming referrals, to getting an overflow of referrals from your Centers of Influence, as well as new and existing clients so that you can write over 100 policies per month purely from referrals.

Daily Structure & Team Accountability

Step-By-Step Accountability Process That’ll Get Your Team Members To Consistently HIt Their Goals Without You Micro Managing Them.



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Client Results

Paul: My Producer Went From Selling $15,000 To $45,000 In Monthly Premium

Will: This Program Walks You Through From The Start Of The Call, To Collecting Payment Information

Rani: This Is The Clearest And Most Direct Way Of Selling Insurance

Amanda: I Don’t Have To Stress About Doing All Of The Sales Training Myself Anymore

Neil: We Wrote 117 P&C Policies Last Month Using This Sales Process!

Johnathon: We Wrote $104k In Premium In One Month Using This Sales Process!

Shelby: I Doubled My Sales Following This Sales Process

Pavi: I Wrote 184 Items In One Month Using This Sales Process

Sean: “We had the best month right after going through the training, and we’re closing a majority of our sales in the first call!

Keith: “We went from averaging 110 policies a month… to writing 210 policies in the first month of using the script!”

Patrick: “I went from writing 25-30 policies a month… to writing 90 policies in one month!

Glenda: “It gave me the confidence to know exactly what to say in each call

Jeremiah: “My two producers wrote 107 policies last month using this sales script!

Michael: “I closed two sales immediately by using the closing objections script

Christiana: “This training completely changed the way my insurance agency goes into every call

Anthony: “You don’t just tell us what to do, you show us exactly what to do

David: “This is the only training that teaches you how to sell insurance when you’re more expensive!

Kory: “Last month we wrote almost 200 items in ONE MONTH!

Jill: “My team member wrote 25 items in one week after completing this sales training!”

Eric: “The script has changed my agency!”

Fabio: Insurance Producer Wrote $48k In P&C Premium In One Month

Billy: Agent Wrote 109 Policies In One Month

Get Access To The One Call Close Masterclass Today


The One Call Close Masterclass is specifically designed for P&C insurance agents who want to sell more auto, home, and life insurance in their agency. Whether you’re a new agent or you’ve been in the business for a long time, have a small agency or a large one, live in a large city or a rural town, this program will work for you.
Insurance agents who go through the One Call Close Masterclass expect one thing, and one thing only: RESULTS (AKA – MORE SALES).

This online training course is full of actionable, strategic, and proven scripts from Vlad, who not only wrote over 150 policies per month as a single producer, but has helped hundreds of agents increase their sales by implementing this bulletproof sales and referral process in their agency.
There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of these sessions. Everything that you’ll discover at the ‘One Call Close Masterclass’ is time-tested, and are proven strategies structured to increase your P&C sales, referrals, and retention in your book of business.

You’ll receive an implementation plan that will help you take what you are learning, and immediately implement in your agency.

This is the only sales and referral training program that was built by someone who consistently wrote over 150 policies a month. The content is taught comes from a place of personal experience and trial and error, versus theory.

Additionally, we are not in the “monthly subscription business” where we give you hundreds of hours of content and ask you to “watch one video every day” and that’s how you will be successful. Instead, we cut straight to the chase and show you EXACTLY what you need to know, say, and do, in a masterclass that you can complete in just two days.

Yes. You can add your employees to the training platform so they can have their own individual account.
It’s great for both. The training is delivered in a way where a brand new team member who has no experience in insurance sales will be able to understand and implement these sales strategies immediately, as well as the most experienced sales producer will walk away shaking their head thinking, “How did I survive without this program?
When you purchase the course, you’ll be given unlimited access to the training for 12 months.
This interactive training is presented via training videos and downloadable PDFs.
No. The training is not sold a la carte. Giving you the script without a video explanation on how to deliver the script would be like giving you a sportscar, without the key. You need both to get results.
Yes, absolutely! Once you register for the training, you will be able to get in touch with us via email and phone.
Get Access To The One Call Close Masterclass Today