How To Present Your Auto Insurance Quote
When Your Price Is More Expensive

How To Present Your Auto Insurance Quote When Your Price Is More Expensive

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As an insurance agent, you probably see this every day…

Where you quote a prospect for their auto insurance and here’s what comes back:

💰 Their Current Price: $150/month

💰 Your Price: $200/month

How do you get the prospect to switch their insurance to your agency when your price is A LOT higher?

Most agents won’t admit this, but deep inside they know that if they can’t compete on the price, then they’re not going to close the sale.

You see, the problem with policyholders who move their policy to you because of a BETTER PRICE, is that those are the same people who will leave your agency for a BETTER PRICE in 6 months!

If you want to see an EXTREMELY SIMPLE (yet super effective) script to presenting the price (when you’re more expensive), then watch the video above where I demonstrate exactly how to do that.

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Vlad Cherchenko

Founder | Insurance Sales Lab

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