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Insurance Agents Write 100-300 Policies Per Month…

WITHOUT Hiring Additional Team Members!”

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What You Will Learn In This Free Training Webinar:

  • Step 1: The Hook: The first 20 seconds of the call is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the entire conversation!

  • Step 2: Building Value VS Selling On Price: Build Value So The Prospect Switches Their Insurance To You Even If Your Price Is More Expensive.

  • Step 3: Multi-Lining Policies: Strategically pivot from having an auto insurance conversation to discussing homeowners, umbrella, and life insurance.

  • Step 4: Cost Presentation: Position the price in a way where prospect says “Wow, that’s an amazing price!” instead of saying “Wow, that’s expensive!”

  • Step 5: Asking For The Sale: Receive payment information in the FIRST CALL by using the most effective closing strategy in insurance sales today.

  • Step 6: Sale Wrap Up: Set up an appointment to complete an in-depth insurance review with the client, get referrals, online reviews, and set the tone to retaining this client for life!

Click Here To See The Demo Of The Script

Vlad Cherchenko got into the insurance industry without any insurance or phone sales experience, but quickly developed a sales and referral process that allowed him to write over 150 P&C policies a month.

This FREE training cuts right to the chase and reveals how Vlad, and a lot of insurance agents consistently write over 100-300+ policies a month, by following the “6-Step Script To The One Call Close”

Vlad usually charges $5,000 – $10,000 to work with agents, but this training will reveal the same exact methods to you at no cost.

Register for this training now before it we take it offline. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Click Here To See The Demo Of The Script

Click Here To See The Demo Of The Script